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EVA Smart

Control your charging, heating and other smart units in the same app! Connect your amina charger to EVA smart home to utilise the power usage in your home and get a lower power bill. Did you know that you can also get 35% of the investment costs refunded through ENOVA? Read More


Connect amina S to Homey smarthub to create your own Flows and automations. Gather all your smart units in one place and customize your charging experience with amina. Read More

Home Assistant

amina S also works with Home Assistant so that you can plan your energy usage and save money. Read More


If you are a customer of Lyse, you can request smart charging functionality through their app. Read More

Haugaland Kraft

“Mitt Hjem” by Haugaland Kraft allows you to charge at the cheapest hours automatically. Read More


Connect your car to Tibber to schedule charging based on electricity prices. Read More


With “Mitt Fortum” your car is charged when you need it, at the lowest price. Read More


Save up to 20-30% off your power bill by connecting your car to Fjordkraft. Read More


Jedlix is a great example of a smart charging app that lets you connect the car and the electricity provider. If you can connect your car to Jedlix, you can charge smart with your amina charger. Read More


Gridio finds the best time to use electricity and automatically smart charges your electric vehicle. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up! Read More