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amina S – Best in test

amina S is the recommended EV charger by M3

"Smart, fast, and sleek – amina S is the best charging station for your electric car."

"(...)Is this the ultimate charger? Yes, I think so. The extremely slim format means that it fits on a panel plank in the garage and you get 6 meters of good quality fixed cable with the purchase. And it is prepared to prioritize solar charging. What more could you want in a charging box in 2024? The fact that it is also relatively cheap does not make matters worse." - M3, June 2024

In the test, the amina S scored 5 out of 5 stars.

M3 test highlights

The testers from M3 emphasised the integration with enegic and the resulting added features such as solar charging, load balancing, and smart charging.

    Solar charging

    "(...) amina S is prepared to prioritize solar charging." - M3, June 2024


    Load balancing

    "An important detail that sets Amina S apart from the competition is the load balancer (...)" - M3, June 2024

    6m cable

    "In fact, you can also upgrade your box to 22 kW by 'just' replacing the fixed cable." - M3, June 2024