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Simple, smart EV charging

amina smart charging

amina smart charging

You can charge smart with amina

as long as your car supports smart charging – a feature most modern electric cars have. Simply download a smart charging app or connect it to your smart home system, electricity provider or car. It’s never been easier to charge smart and save on energy costs.

How to charge
smart with amina

Charge smart and save money with amina. Take full control of EV energy consumption and automatically charge when electricity is cheap. Explore the different ways you can smart charge your EV with amina below.

Why you should charge smart

For some people, the primary goal with EV charging is simple - making sure their EV gets charged. It just needs to work. But choosing to smart charge with amina has some undeniable benefits:

Scheduled charging

Specify a daily time for when you want your car to start and stop charging.

Off-peak charging

Ensure that your car automatically charges when the electricity price is at its lowest.

Cost savings

By charging your car when electricity is cheapest - often in the middle of the night - you can greatly reduce how much you pay for the electricity you use.


Smart charging can enable your EV to draw power from the grid when demand is lower, such as at night or during periods of reduced activity.