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amina 1 – The simple, yet smart choice




Serious power. Serious value.

Roughly the size of an outdoor electrical socket but with three times the power (7,4 kW). The minimal size and understated, matte finish make it the ideal EV charger for the discerning homeowner. amina 1 is the small, simple and smart-ready choice.

Simple, smart charging

Charge smart, save money. amina 1 is designed to let you charge smarter with the apps you use every day.

Small size,
big difference

amina 1 keeps things neat with a compact design. It's all about doing more with less – fewer parts, less plastic, but it still charges your car safely.

Up to 7,4 kW

The sensible home charging speed. Add over 300 km range while you sleep.


At only 1 kg, it’s among the smallest EV chargers you can get.

Compact and robust

Closable lid for discreet looks and ultimate protection from the elements.

Tried and tested

5-year warranty and compliance with all relevant EU standards.

Weather proof (IP54)

Made to withstand any weather condition, from -35° C to +50° C.

Charges any car

Type 2 charging socket is compatible with all modern EVs and hybrids.

Minimal size

Only 10 cm tall, 20 cm wide and 12 cm deep.

Quick installation

Designed and engineered in collaboration with electricians.

Charging speed

The power you need

amina 1 is engineered to give your car the power it needs (7.4 kW) when you charge at home. Add up to 35 km range – the average daily distance driven by EV drivers – in just 1 hour.


Looks that are made to last

amina 1 is made for your car but designed for your home. With its robust build, compact size, closable lid and a matte black finish, it will complement your house for years to come.

Check it out

amina 1 is the ultimate combination of quality, simplicity and affordability. It’s the smart choice for people who want to recharge their car from the comfort and convenience of their house – or vacation home.

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Technical specifications

  1. Dimensions

    Height 125 mm
    Width 200 mm
    Depth 105 mm

    Max current & charging output

    Current: 6-32 A, 1-phase
    Output: 1,3 – 7,4 kW


    1,15 kg

    Electrical protection

    Protection class II (4 kV AC and 6 kV impulse, insulation)
    Overvoltage category III (4 kV)

    Degree of protection

    Resistant to impact, dust, water IP54: indoor and outdoor use IK08: impact protection
UL94: flammability rating 



    Charging socket

    Type 2 – IEC 62196-2



  2. Standards and approvals

    CE-compliant according to IEC 61851- 1:2017, IEC 62955 and ROHS-directive 2011/65/EU

  3. Box content

    – Backplate
    – Charge unit
    – Front cover
    – Installation kit

    Required for installation

    – TX20 screwdriver
    – Circuit breaker
    – External RCD Type A



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– Quick guide
– Product sheet
– Warranty
– Declaration of conformity


Any questions?


These are the five most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about amina 1. If you need further assistance, get in touch or check out the full FAQ page.

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7.4 kW – this corresponds to over 35 km range per hour charged.

amina 1 charges your car in all kinds of weather, from -30° C to +40° C.

You can charge all cars with a type 2 connector, the European standard.

If your car can time-control the charging, you can either do it directly from the car, via the car’s app, via a smart charging app or via your electricity company.