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amina S – The future of EV charging




Meet the future of EV charging:

Experience the ultimate home charging power of 22 kW with seamless connectivity to any smart home. Take full control of your car’s energy consumption and charge when electricity rates are lowest with amina S.

Simply smart

Engineered to the core

amina S is small yet powerful, meticulously engineered to quickly and safely provide car batteries with power.

Up to 22 kW

One of the fastest home chargers on the market. Adds up to 100 km range in one hour.


At only 1 kg, it’s one of the lightest EV chargers available.

Ultralight 6 m fixed cable

35 % thinner* cable for easy handling and a smaller environmental footprint.

Tried and tested

5-year warranty and compliance with all relevant EU standards.


Zigbee, Bluetooth, WiFi, cellular and OCPP technology**.

Ambient light sensor

Automatically adjusts LED brightness based on surroundings.

Made to last

Resistant to impact, dust and water.

Charges any car

Type 2 charging cable, compatible with all EVs and hybrids.

Optimised for tight spaces

Only 89 mm deep, ideal for garages or tight passages.

5-minute installation

Designed and engineered in collaboration with electricians.

*compared to the industry standard.

**sold in different configurations.

Charging speed

Maximum power,

minimal waste

amina S is engineered to deliver maximum power (22 kW) when you need it, with a market-leading power loss of less than 0.05 % during charging – ensuring efficient energy use.


Timeless design

amina S is made for your car but designed for your home. Its compact size and soft, rectangular shape are intentionally discreet to complement its surroundings – your home.

Made to integrate

amina S is the future-proof EV charger for both users and system owners, made to seamlessly integrate into any energy ecosystem or smart charging platform.



Technical specifications

  1. Dimensions

    Height 264 mm
    Width 112 mm
    Depth 89 mm


    1 kg excl. charging cable
    2,4 kg (20 A)
    3,4 kg (32 A)



    Charging cable

    Mode 3
    Fixed Type 2 (20A/32A)





  2. Zigbee

    Low-power wireless
mesh network

    Max. current and charging 20A cable

    Current: 6-20 A
    3-phase output: 3,7 – 13,8 kW
    1-phase output: 1,4 – 4,6 kW

    Integrated residual current protection

    RDC-DD (6 mA DC) according to
    IEC 62955

    Bluetooth LE

    2.4 GHz radio

    Max. current and charging 32 A cable

    Current: 6-32 A
    3-phase output: 3,7 – 22,0 kW
    1-phase output: 1,4 – 7,4 kW

    Energy measurement

    Integrated 3-phase energy measurement with +/- 3 % accuracy

    Local OCPP 1.6j

    Coming 2024

    Degree of protection

    IP54: indoor and outdoor use
    IK08: impact protection
    UL94-5VB: flammability rating

    Electrical protection

    Protection class I (4 kV AC and 6 kV impulse, insulation)
    Overvoltage category III (4 kV)

  3. Standards and approvals*

    Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/
    EU (RED)
    RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU
    EN IEC 61851-1:2019
    IEC 62955:2018
    EN 62196-2:2017
    EN IEC 61851-21-2:2021


    See here for more information

  4. Box content

    – Backplate
    – Charge unit
    – Front cover
    – Charging cable (20 A/32 A)
    – Installation kit

    Required for installation

    – TX20 screwdriver
    – Circuit breaker
    – External RCD Type A



Click on the button below to find updated documentation for amina S in several languages, such as:

– Quick guide
– Product sheet
– Warranty
– Declaration of conformity


Any questions?


These are the five most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about amina S. If you need further assistance, get in touch or check out the full FAQ page.

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22 kW – this corresponds to over 100 km range per hour charged.

Yes, the 6 meter fixed cable is included. You can choose between 20 A (14 kW) or 32 A (22 kW).

You can charge all cars with a type 2 connector, the European standard.

You can connect it directly to your smart home system via ZigBee or Bluetooth. Also, if your car can time-control the charging, you can either do it directly from the car, via the car’s app, via a smart charging app or via your electricity company.