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Power in partnerships



Expand your charging network

with efficient and sustainable EV charging solutions. Designed for seamless integration and built to evolve with your business needs.

Made to scale

    Made to integrate

    Closely collaborate and co-develop EV charging solutions optimised for your business.

    Dedicated support

    Rely on a dedicated support team that ensures your charge points are functioning optimally at all times.

    Commercial collaboration

    Download best-in-class marketing and sales material and collaborate on growth campaigns.

Minimal risk

Take control of charge points through local Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), enhancing reliability of your EV charging ecosystem without dependency on a third-party cloud.

Maximum efficiency

amina’s EV chargers are optimised for easy installation, painless provisioning and low maintenance to reduce operational costs throughout the product’s life cycle.

Designed for today,

engineered for tomorrow

Up to 22 kW

The most powerful AC charging effect. Add up to 100km range in 1 hour.

Open and flexible

Open-source, not proprietary, for adaptable and future-proof products.

Quick installation

Designed and engineered in collaboration with electricians.

Tried and tested

5-year warranty and compliance with all relevant EU standards.


Zigbee, Bluetooth, WiFi, 4G.

Communication protocol

Native OCPP 1.6

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