Dynamic load balancing with Enegic and amina.

amina x Enegic

amina x Enegic

Enhance your home

with amina S for a smarter charging experience including load balancing. amina S seamlessly integrates with Enegic for simplified home control and cost-effective charging. 

Enegic Powerlink

amina S and Enegic Powerlink work together seamlessly, giving you insights into your home’s power output. Utilise advanced charging load management to optimise the power usage effectively.

Dynamic load balancing

With load balancing you protect the main fuse for a safe and worry-free charging experience.

Manage everything in one app 

Installation, load balancing, power optimization and KPIs. Everything in one app for both end users and installers.

Charge when cheapest

Reduce your electricity bill by avoiding high power consumption and get information about your home’s total output at all times.

Solar charging

Automatically utilises solar power whenever solar production is sufficient.


Local, direct communication and control for a stable experience without interruptions.

Simple setup

Enjoy a quick and simple installation process, thoughtfully designed by amina and Enegic for a seamless setup for both installers and users.