Complete your smart home with amina S and Homey.

amina x Homey

amina x Homey

Enhance your smart home

with amina S and Homey for a stable charging experience. Seamlessly integrate amina S with Homey for simplified home control and cost-effective charging.

amina S talks with Homey

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You can combine amina S with other devices within Homey to build flows for load balancing, price optimised charging and solar energy utilisation.

Future proof with Zigbee 

Whatever your needs are in the future, with Homey you can easily expand your home ecosystem with more smart devices.

Everything in one app 

Gather your entire smart home in one place. Control all your devices from your phone, tablet or desktop.

Charge when cheapest

Ensure your car is automatically charged at the lowest cost, and stay below power tariffs.

Fully customisable

Set the rules for your home using Flows. Combine, mix and match Flows to your exact needs.