Together, we’re smart

mTouch® TotalKontroll

mTouch® TotalKontroll

Make your home smarter

with mTouch® TotalKontroll for an enhanced charging experience. Automatically adjust the largest loads of the house making it easier to reduce 
the electricity bill.

mTouch® TotalKontroll

Automatically adjust the largest loads in your home such as EV charging and water heating to times of the day with cheaper electricity, making it easy to reduce the electricity bill.

Future proof with Zigbee 

Whatever your needs are in the future, you can easily expand your home ecosystem with more smart devices.

Manage everything in one app 

Ensure that your car automatically charges when the electricity price is at its lowest.

Save money, save time 

Designed to lower your electricity bill, ensuring your car is fully charged automatically at the lowest cost, allowing you to focus your time and money where it matters.

Simplicity in installation 

Enjoy a quick and simple installation process, thoughtfully designed by amina and Eva for a seamless setup for both installers and users. 

Included in the bundle

amina S - 22kW, Smart Hub, Meter reader, CTM Lyng Relay 25 and Eva Strømstyring app subscription

Qualifies for Enova support

Leverage Enova support to make your sustainable energy solutions more affordable.


mTouch TotalKontroll qualifies to 35% of the investment costs refunded from Enova.